Sydney grown Kyoshi is a 4-piece chemical compound of RnB, neo-soul, space fusion and progressive jazz. Forming in early 2017, Kyoshi have been gigging, writing and recording ever since. Motivated by pure musical conversation, Kyoshi members Leah Wilkie (keys, vocals), Tommy O’Brien (drums), Yianni Adams (guitar, synth) and Sean Sivies (bass) aim to converse with people from all over the world on the musical journey they take you on during each performance. When you see them you’ll understand, Kyoshi aren’t just another band to watch, each set is a play on the senses and about creating an atmosphere with sound. The cosmos, nature itself, their sound reflects the elements, there is nothing that doesn’t appear in the music because when they play they put all they have into it. 

Kyoshi Origami Stickers
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